Spot a Koala or Kangaroo

Our park is home to several Koala’s and the occassional Kanagroo. Ask one of our friendly team member to point out the location of the Koala’s.

The early bird catches the worm and this case if you venture down near the dog park a bit after sunrise you might catch our local kanagroo’s munching on their breakfast of grass and morning dew.

Foot Pool

A hybrid combination of pool and soccer, this is a table sport, which mimics pool, but is played in a manner in which players stand on the table and kick the cue ball to pocket coloured balls, rather than striking it with a cue stick.

Get the family together, and test your coordination skills.


This European ball game is similar to bowls, but played on a short narrower field. It is one of the oldest lawn games in the world dating back to around 5000 BC. Just goes to show that some things are built to last.

Frisbee Golf

Yep, this is played much like traditional golf, but instead of using golf clubs and balls and aiming for a hole, we have hoop discs and you aim to get onto a Pole. We have a full 18 pole, 47 par frisbee golf course for you to test your aim. It’s easy to learn, and fun for all ages.

Off Road Remote Control Car Track

This is for the remote control car enthusiasts! Bring your cars with you and test out your driving skills on our 16 metre, figure eight track with jumps and a tunnel.


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