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Meet the Gekkersons

Get to know our resident holiday goers.

Our fun-loving family of geckos, fill their days with adventures in the BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park.

Grandparents - Gavin (61) and Gloria (58)

Meet Gavin & Gloria, beloved grandparents of Gwen, Gus and Gabby.

Gavin & Gloria are semi-retired and living life to the fullest. They believe that home is where you park it, and the best spot is BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park! They love sharing holidays with the whole family, relaxing in their camp chairs beside their caravan in the quiet Riverwalk area of the park.
On holiday Gloria loves to cook up a storm in the parks camp kitchen making delicious meals, offering up tips and tricks to other campers for cooking while on the road.
Gavin loves that their campsite is set up right next to the creek which makes fishing alongside Gary a breeze, but his favourite holiday activity is helping Gloria cook by standing guard at the bbq.

Parents - Gary (38) and Goldie (37)

Meet Gary and Goldie, parents of Gwen, Gus and Gabby!

Gary and Goldie love spending time with their kids, finding new adventures on the Gold Coast. They believe that the best way to holiday is getting outside into the fresh air and sunshine to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Goldies favourite holiday activity is enjoying a relaxing massage followed by a cocktail at a pool cabana.

Where Gary’s favourite holiday activity is fishing in the saltwater creek hoping he’ll catch “the big one”.

Daughter - Gwen (14)

Meet Gwen our local shop-a-holic!

Gwen is quite social, enjoying the Gold Coast shopping scene with her friends at Harbour Town, really embracing that “shop till you drop” attitude.

She loves spending time on her phone keeping up to date with fashion trends on social media. She likes to drop into the marketing office from time to time to drop ideas for our next social media project.

Gwen’s favourite holiday activity is lounging around the pool working on her tan. She loves that she can order food and drinks right to her cabana so she can really live up to the lazy lizard lifestyle.

Son - Gus (10)

Meet Gus, the parks favourite adventurer!

Gus is independent, cheeky and sporty, he enjoys riding his bike through the park with his mates. It's easy for Gus to make new friends with the holiday goers and always finds ways to keep himself entertained.

On holiday he loves to hang out in the Fun Forest where he can ride his bike on the trails, play basketball, race RC cars and compete in a foot pool match with his sister Gwen. But Gus’s favourite holiday activity is catching a weekend movie at the activity centre where his movie of choice is
“Lizard of Oz.”

Baby - Gabby (14 months)

Meet Gabby, the cutest gecko you’ve ever seen!

Gabby is cute and innocent but don’t let that fool you, she’s full of fun and loves to run around with her dog Goober laughing, playing, and getting into all sorts of trouble.

Gabby is obsessed with the waterpark. Although she is not quite tall enough to go on the big slides yet, she loves standing under the bucket as all the water wooshes down as well as playing in the splash area. When the waterslide closes in the afternoon, she jumps into the kiddies pool for a final splash around before the end of the day.

Dog - Goober (2)

Meet Goober the family pet.

Goober is everyone’s favourite 4-legged friend, he travels with them on all their holidays and loves getting to go on paw-some adventures. He enjoys running around outdoors alongside Gus on his bike, as well as making friends with other dogs and chasing his tail. Goober is inquisitive by nature and is keen to know what is happening around him all the time.

Goobers favourite holiday pass time is playing in the off-leash dog park with all the other dogs then heading to the dog wash for a puppy pampering session.